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BIT Attends the 6th High Level Forum on Suzhi Education

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  Translator:?News Agency of BIT?Chen Yunhan

  Editor: News Center of BIT?Zhao Jie



  From March 9 to 11, Chinese Association for Suzhi Education (CASE) 2017 Annual Conference and 6th Forum on Suzhi Education was held in Nanjing. This conference was hosted by CASE and was undertook by Nanjing Agriculture University. Over 500 people from more than 160 universities in Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the US attended the forum. To be more specific, President of China Association of Higher Education Zhai Zhenyuan, vice president of Jiangsu Education Department Wang Chengbing, and president of Nanjing Agriculture University Zhou Guanghong attended the meeting. Also, the CASE consultant, vice chairman, executive director, secretaries as well as presidents of more than 30 universities, related leaders working on college quality education research and practice, and some experts and scholars attended the conference. As the governing unit of CASE, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) took part in the meeting and the excellent brand selection of college quality education.



  With the theme of diathesis cultivation and top university construction, five topics including quality cultivation and top undergraduate education, cultivation institutions featuring combining specialization and versatility, teaching staff and liberal education development, study on diathesis education system and college diathesis education experience.

  Over 70 distinguished guests from Peking University, Tsinghua University, BIT, Nanjing Agriculture University, Nankai University, the Education University of Hong Kong, University of Macau and National Taiwan University made their speeches at the conference. They had discussions about theories and shared practical experience a through conference report, seminar, workshops and roundtable conference.

  Deputy President of BIT, vice chairman of CASE Li Hezhang attended the opening ceremony and executive council meeting and gave a conference report under the title of exploring the way to top university, establishing national culture confidence, promoting college quality education . Party secretary of school college education, secretary of CASE Pang Haishao, Liao Xiaozhong from the BIT School of Automation, teachers from the BIT School of Electric and Mechanical and the BIT School of Graduate Education attended the conference and exchanged ideas with representatives. The team of deputy dean of school of physics wang Jingjing named ‘walking in wasteland’ shared experience on the theme of ‘Walking in Wasteland: New exploration on College Student Quality Education’.



  On the opening ceremony held on March10th, Quality Education Seminar held the English name changing ceremony and emblem show. Pang Haishao read out Changing Quality Education into Suzhi Education and Introduction for the Emblem Design of Chinese Association for Suzhi Education . Zhai Zhenyuan, Li Hezhang, Zhou Guanghong and the consultant of Chinese Association for Suzhi Education Zhang Qizhi unveiled the emblem plate together.



  Li Hezhang announced the list of winners in excellent brand selection of college quality education and presided over the awarding ceremony. ‘ Travel of National Defense Science’ of BIT School of Electric and Mechanical and Office for Students' Affairs, ‘M emorizing Youth by Expedition, exploring Yourselves in wasteland--BIT practice of Walking in Wasteland’ of School of Physics and Youth League Committee won the gold medal. The BIT ‘ Program Design Competition’ of School of Computer Science and Technology, ‘Current Affair Forum’ of Guo Yanyi of Office for Students' Affairs, Practice as Director Assistant of Tianqiao Community in Beijing’ of Xu Guibao won the silver medal.



  The closing ceremony was presided over by Li Hezhang. Pang Haishao made the conference conclusion speech under the title of Future Path of Suzhi Education . This Conference reflected extraordinary academic quality as well as excellent organizing and service ability. Leaders of Ministry of Education Higher Education Department spoke highly of the conference and so did many guests and representatives including Zhai Zhenyuan.



365bet短信特约注册  Throughout the development process of education since Reform and Opening-up, Suzhi education is always like a red string through China education revolution practice. Since the 18th National Congress, a series of important announcements of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the convening of National Conference on Ideological and political work of Colleges and Universities, the plan of overall double first-class construction the State Council and related files about promoting excellent Chinese traditional culture are all strongly and positively connected with Suzhi education. They provided a wide stage for suzhi education to become a great success and indicated direction for the development of high education and Suzhi education. College Suzhi Education Seminar of China Association of High Education will blow the horn of Suzhi Education Start Again to promote Suzhi education theoretical research and practical exploration, to become a suzhi education expert exchange platform and a bridge to connect and communicate with the world for China Suzhi education, contribute to constructing a strong country of higher education and advancing education modernization process.